Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pro Tools Quick Tip: Compare Two Processing Chains Instantly

One situation you may have run into before when mixing is wanting to be able to compare different processing chains on the same sound. This can be kind of a headache in Pro Tools, since you would need to basically create two completely different processing chains on the same track and use the bypass buttons to compare them, or create duplicate tracks and try to keep up with muting and unmuting them one after the other. Both of these methods are cumbersome, and add pauses that can affect your judgment. What we really want to be able to do here is an instantaneous A/B comparison. Here's how, using a common Pro Tools shortcut.

Step One: Duplicate the track that you want to compare, and create your alternate effects chain on the duplicate.

Step Two: In the Edit window, make a playback selection across both the original and duplicated tracks, make sure one of the tracks is muted, and use the Shift+M shortcut to instantly swap between them.

Note: This also works with the Solo shortcut (Shift+S).

Do you have any ideas for other ways this trick could be useful? Share them below.

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